We're Uniquely Focused

We're Uniquely Focused

This week we’re taking a slightly different approach to the Bridge. Someone, who we’ll keep anonymous, disagreed with a moment in the sermon, and I wanted to share their thoughts.

The moment came when we shared the survey from Lifeway, in which I said that Lifeway found 61% of Evangelical Christians said they hope their vote benefits themselves or people like them across the country. Ben shared a quote from Scott McConnell the author of the survey, said that meant 61% of the country was not casting a “good samaritan” vote to represent others, but was only focused on themselves. I took the position that this wasn’t representative of what Jesus has called us to, and wasn’t as loving of our neighbors as it could be, but a friend disagreed.

This friend, who is a fan of one candidate, (but honestly, either side can still make this argument,) shared their thoughts with me. I cleaned up the writing a tad, but their thoughts are still represented here.

The chart you shared isn’t a negative thing, as you viewed it. I believe as Christians we answer that we vote for beliefs like ours because Christian beliefs follow Christ’s teachings. They follow what’s right and not what’s wrong. That’s the difference, Christians vote for a value system; that value system follows Jesus in love for others. For the most part I won’t vote for the candidate who benefits someone differently from me because, the person I am voting for loves their neighbor like Jesus called us to. If I follow Jesus’s teachings, that belief system points you to the candidate who has the supporting morals and values that Jesus taught. Just wanted to express that, there is no “on the fence”, Jesus is for sure the King and because He rules there are definitions to right and wrong If you vote for the candidate who most represents the Christian value system then that benefits everyone.

Sometimes two people can see one result in two ways. Neither of which is necessarily wrong, but the lens is different. The difference lies in interpretation of data and the values placed on them. But, as we’ve said so many times in the past 6 weeks, the issue really comes down to a matter of your heart. If your heart is pointed to following Jesus and his teachings, our shortcomings, our failings, don’t prevent us from being his followers, from seeing his kingdom come to earth.

The important thing to understand, and to remind ourselves, is that even under the banner of two different parties, there is only one name that matters. That is the name above all names. He is the one we ultimately answer to.